Oak Creek Urgent Care: Modern, Clean, and Private.

Mike Katie

Our staff in a typical exam room

Nadine Cj
  • The Oak Creek Urgent Care clinic has 6 examination rooms and 1 procedure room. They are all private.
  • X-ray equipment is in the clinic for routine x-rays and the physician or physician assistant are trained to read the films as they are done.
  • Oak Creek Urgent Care also has an EKG machine for evaluation chest pain if needed.
  • Spirometry for evaluation of lung or pulmonary function is available at the Oak Creek Urgent Care and a nebulizer is on site if a treatment for asthma is required.
  • Minor laboratory tests can be done on site at the Oak Creek Urgent Care and more complicated laboratory tests can be sent out. Results can be forwarded to your doctor.
  • If needed, IV fluids can be given for dehydration.
  • We are equipped with the tools necessary to treat lacerations.