Sore Throat

Many patients, both adults and children, come to urgent care for a sore throat.  There are many causes of a sore throat.  Strep throat is an obvious concern.  It is not possible for you to tell by looking in the throat to tell if it is strep.  The so called “white spots” rarely indicates that it is strep.  Many times it is a viral infection causing the sore throat.  Sometimes it may be from sinusitis.  On rare occasions it can be more serious cause.

When you see the provider, the throat as well as ears, neck will be evaluated.  Many times we will do a rapid strep test.  We are not able to tell for sure if it is strep without it.  Sometimes it is obvious it is another cause based on the history and exam.  Treatment will depend on the final determination of the provider.

If it is strep throat, you will be treated with antibiotics.  You can expect that within 48 hours you will start to feel better, but it may take a week before you are close to being back to normal.  You may be contagious for as long as a week.  You should get a new toothbrush after a week.

Health Tip

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