Facility and Equipment

Oak Creek Urgent Care: Modern, Clean, and Private.

  • Our clinic features six examination rooms and one procedure room for laceration repairs. They are all private.
  • Onsite X-ray: We have onsite X-ray equipment for routine X-rays. The physician or physician assistant are trained to read the films as they are done so you get immediate results and treatment.
  • Onsite and Outpatient Lab Testing: Minor laboratory tests such as rapid strep tests, urine dips, and mono tests can be done onsite at Oak Creek Urgent Care. If you need more complicated lab work, we will collect your blood, urine, or other specimens and send it to an outside laboratory for testing. Results can be forwarded to your doctor.
  • Oak Creek Urgent Care utilizes electronic medical records. This is a digital version of a paper chart and makes record keeping easier, more accurate, and more efficient. It also allows us to easily transmit your clinical records to your physician or another facility for continuation of care, if necessary.
  • The clinic has an EKG machine to check for problems with your heart if necessary.