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Fever is the body’s response to an infection.  How high the fever is does not indicate how serious the infection is.  In other words, often times high fevers are caused by viral infection and lower to mid range fevers may occur with more serious infections such as pneumonia.  It is important to recognize that the fever is not the illness, it is just a sign that there is an infection.  Treating the fever does not treat the infection.


The most common cause of an earache is a middle ear infection.  The ear drum and the space behind it are infected.  These are treated with oral antibiotics.  The pain should be significantly less after 3 days.  If not, you should call your provider.

Your ear may hurt for other reasons.  Sometimes it is the ear canal that is infected (“swimmers ear”).  These are treated with ear drops.  It may hurt because the throat next to the ear is painful.  Sometimes it could be from a dental infection.  There are a number of other causes.


There are many causes of diarrhea.  Most commonly, it is a viral infection that given enough time will go away on its own. Viral infections usually do not cause significant abdominal pain.  If the diarrhea is bloody or has mucous (slippery stuff), it may be more serious.  If there is abdominal pain, fever, chills with the diarrhea it may be more serious.  We will take your history and examine you.  Depending on your condition, we may need to send blood tests, send stool for testing or possibly send you to a hospital.


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